THE  "mtBible"

Discover the book that looks like a Bible, but isn't!

The mtBible is beautifully bound.

A book that looks like the Bible! But there is no text in the “mtBible.” A beautifully designed, hand crafted, genuine leather bound book with fine Bible paper and padded cover surrounded by gilt edges is just like fine Bibles published anywhere. Small and light weight so it is easily carried or put noticeably on your desk as a testimony to your faith!

This attractive book has no printing on any of its pages. Superbly bound in stately black or casual dark brown this volume is for display! Have it imprinted yourself with your name or for a gift.

Place one conspicuously on your desk in the public school classroom and enjoy the looks and comments from students, administrators and the ACLU. This volume will drive the ACLU nuts when you tell them it is not a Bible but a book of mt pages.

This conversation piece on your corporate desk will remind everyone that you believe the Word of God and this mt book stands for your complete commitment to its authority and to the truthfulness of the written Word.

Use this unique mtBible as a witnessing tool. Remind yourself that the world may not read the Bible so your life is the only Bible they will know. Make it a constant reminder to others as well as to yourself of the importance of living for Christ in a world that rejects the Bible.

When you are not allowed to carry a Bible to school carry the mtBible and you will be amazed at the opportunities you will have to explain why you have it among your other books. You may be mocked but the message of the Word will get across to them. Make your own inscription on the pages why this book has no printed message.

Inside the mtBible are blank pages.

Give an mtBible as a gift to your Atheist friends. Send a copy to your local ACLU leader. Use it as a memory book for friends and acquaintances to write their own message to you as you pass through life. Ask students who are graduating to write their comments as they move on in life. Buy one as a gift for a Guest Book to record visitors who stay in your home or come to your office.

Price is an economical $20.00 including postage and handling.

Available exclusively from:

     The Parchment House
     PO Box 7505
     Florence, SC 29502, USA

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