We do not solicit funds for our ministry. It has been our commitment to serve the Lord without any letters or articles involving our need for funds or divulging the expenses we might have for the ministry the Lord has given us. We are convinced that if the ministry is of the Lord He will supply all our needs. He has done this since we left secular employment in May of 1966. It is our desire to serve the Lord without begging for funds. If the Lord supplies our needs we will travel and serve. If we do not have the funds we will stay at home.

We have specifically chosen to serve as a couple in a personal ministry without establishing a not-for-profit organization. It is our conviction that the Lord’s servants should serve under the local church and its authority. We are under the care of following three local churches:

Bethany Chapel
4677 Tompkins Ave. Oakland CA. 94619

Woodside Chapel
5 Morse Ave, Fanwood NJ O7023

Community Bible Fellowship
PO Box 4957, Florence SC 29502

We do serve in harmony with several organizations that serve us in a number of practical ways. One of those ways is to forward funds to us for our ministry. These organizations are:

Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.
PO Box 13 Spring Lake, NJ 07762

Christian Workers Fellowship, Inc.
PO Box 2365, Kansas City, KS 66110

Spread the Word
2721 Oberlin Dr. York, PA 17404

Any gifts for our ministry or us may be made out to and sent to any of these service organizations with a separate note suggesting that these funds be forwarded to us. A tax receipt will be sent to you and the gift forwarded to us.

Any gifts sent directly to us will receive a prompt expression of thanks but cannot be considered as tax deductible and so no tax receipt will be forwarded.

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