This ministry grew out of a contact we had at a conference at Mt, Hermon, CA. I was speaking at the annual Bible Convention 1979 and was approached by a missionary from Africa asking if I would come to Africa and speak at a Conference for Missionaries. Eventually I agreed to spend two months at the disposal of this missionary to help and encourage the missionaries in that part of Africa. Read More
Ministry Summary Vision
  • Visiting missionaries on the field
  • Speaking at Conference for Missionaries
  • Encouraging missionaries in their field of service
  • Speaking at Missionary Conferences in the USA and abroad
  • Developing missionary interest through letters and conferences
  • Sharing missionary needs with those wishing to share practically
  • Producing missionary reports based on first hand information
Pastoral C.A.R.E.

Though we have not had professional training in this vocation we have had experience in a pastoral setting for 20 years as a Pastor-Teacher in several local congregations. In addition we have had numerous opportunities to listen and counsel missionaries in a variety of personal, vocational and ministerial areas. We do not profess to have answers to all the problems facing missionaries but offer insights from the scripture and our experience.

We offer ourselves to share in the ministry of missionaries in a practical way. On some occasions repair and maintenance has been a means of assisting missionaries in their service on the filed. In addition we are in a position to link up people who want to help in a practical or financial way with missionaries who have specific needs. It is our desire to be a means of sharing needs with those who want to help and thereby assisting in the overall ministry of missionaries. We have also been used to apply our experience to the training and orientation of prospective missionaries.

We are aware of the exhausting pace many missionaries face on a day-to-day basis. They all need to have a time of R& R and during our visit such a time may be helpful. This ministry has played out in many different forms including conferences, personal time away from the work, and interpersonal time with other missionaries. Occasionally we have stayed with the work while missionaries have a few days off. On occasion we have been used to bring missionaries back into a harmonious working atmosphere.

This has taken many different paths in the past. We have found that a personal visit may be the best encouragement. On most occasions opportunities for teaching and preaching has been a blessing not only to the people missionaries are serving but the missionaries themselves. Many places a Conference for Missionaries has been planned with several teaching sessions daily and free time for person exchange with missionaries. We have had a lot of experience teaching by translation so this provides no problem, as most missionaries are skilled in this exercise. WE have had many opportunities to use our teaching skills in bible colleges, Bible Schools, Public Schools, Private schools, The OM Ships Doulos and LogosII. One aspect of our ministry is sharing how the Lord’s work is doing in other parts of the world. On most occasions missionaries ask what has been successful in other places. Some methods have been transferable to other places. Though cultures vary the goal is the same and what we have seen in other places may be very helpful to others.

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